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panasonic battery cnc fanuc
sanyo battery fanuc unit
panasonic battery cnc fanuc deutsch br-ccf2th
sanyo battery fanuc unit france cr17335se-r
panasonic battery cnc fanuc denmark lr20
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cnc battery slovakia cr17450se-r
cnc fanuc 1.5 volt austria br-agcf2p
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cnc 3 volt svm absolute battery netherlands br-2/3agct4a
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cnc axis absolute feedback backup luxembourg br-ccf2th


CNC Asia supply batteries for various parts of the CNC control system, including the control systems itself, power supply units, powermate, absolute feedback system on servo amplifier units and much more. Batteries are held for Panasonic, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Fanuc and GE Fanuc. CNC Asia and the rest of the group have several thousand batteries in stock. We are more than happy to supply you 1 battery if thats all you need for your CNC.

panasonic battery: 1.5V, 3V, 6V Servo & System

  • Panasonic BR-CCF2TH
  • Panasonic LR20.D
  • Panasonic BR-C
  • Panasonic BR-AGCF2P
  • Panasonic BR-AGCF2W
  • Panasonic BR-2/3A
  • Panasonic BR-2/3AG
  • Panasonic BR-2/3AGCT4A



SANYO BATTERY: 3 Volt, 6 Volt Powermate & PSU.

  • Sanyo CR17335SE-R
  • Sanyo CR17450SE-R

Fujitsu battery: 1.5 Volt

  • Fujitsu LR6
panasonic battery cnc fanuc

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