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Massive names of the CNC world, with differing fortunes. GE General Electric - considered the biggest company by non-stock based assets in the world. Produced a several series of control systems and drives for CNC machine tools, abandoning it in pursuit of PLC's and jumping into bed with Fanuc in 1988, creating GE Fanuc which together with Fanuc leads the world in production of CNC controls and drives. GEC once one of the big manufacturing companies in the world, reduced by successive greed of the British Establishment destroying it and many other large UK manufacturing companies. GEC no longer produces any CNC parts, though via CEGELEC still supports them to a degree. DNC Electronics GmbH a still supports the GEC Gemdrive axis controllers, and a range of the last GE CNC parts before getting into bed with Fanuc Ltd (Japan). New replacements, used GE parts with testing and repair facilities available.

GE Monitors - GE 1050 and 2000 monitors (color and monochrome)

GE 2000 - Boards and units, keyboards, NCB, MCB, RMM, BUB, AXS, CPU, DIO, etc

GE 1050 HL / HLX - PCBs including Eprom, axis and much more.

GE Power supplies - New replacement GE 2000 power supply units & exchange PSU's for the GE 1050 controls.

GE Hi-Ak - Massive stock of GE Hi-ak axis controller boards, units from the PWMP, PWMU series, etc.

GE Motors - Axis motors

GEC Gemdrive Axis Controller - Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.2S, Mk.2SB

Massive stocks of GE 1050, 2000, Hi-Ak parts for your CNC machine tools. Knowledge, repair faculties for most parts. CNC can offer GE General Electric CNC to the entire Asia Pacific Region.

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