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Mazak is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the world. And near exclusively fits Mitsubishi drives and motors, and some of their controls, have used their own in house developed Mazatrol control systems, including the M/T1, M/T2, M32/T32, M32B/T32B, T32-6, T3, T4, Mplus, Tplus, Meldas, Meldas 520 and the later Fusion and Matrix control systems. DNC can offer replacement parts especially Mazak monitors, Mazatrol monitors, and Mitsubishi Monitors, as well as Mitsubishi transistor modules for Mitsubishi TRA, TRS, MRS servo drives, FR-S Freqrol spindle drive units. Also DNC have stocks of servo's and spindle drives throughout the group and extensive contacts throughout Asia, Europe and the US to get a fast and reasonably priced supply of parts to get your Mazak QuickTurn, SlantTurn, Integrex, Multiplex, Horizontal machining, Vertical machining and other lathe's from the Mazak brand.

Mazak Monitors - Meldas 520, Mazatrol T1, T2, T3, T32, T32B, Tplus, M1, M2, M32, Mplus Mono / Amber / Green / Colour

Mazak / Mitsubishi TRA / MDS / MRS Axis and Servo Drive amplifier units.

Mazak / Mitsubishi FR-SD, FR-SE, FR-SF, FR-SG, FR-V,

Mazak / Mitsubishi MDS / PD10, PD13, PD14 Power Units

Mazatrol Control System Boards

Mitsubishi Transistor Modules for Mitsubishi Servo / Spindle drives in Mazak Machine Tools.

Other Mazak Monitors Manufactured by Sharp, Dataray, KME, Totoku, Matsushita, etc.

Mazak fr-se fr-sf trs tra mrs mds mitsubishi

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