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Hitachi CD1472-D1M
CNC > MONITORS > MAZAK - MAZATROL > CD1472D1M 8cd1472d1m inch 14 color colour


mazak mazatrol Hitachi 8dsp40


  • Hitachi Color 14" CRT Monitor Unit
  • Mazak Mplus & Tplus Display
  • Superior LCD Replacement of CD1472-D1M
  • Same Metalwork case dimensions and connectors.
  • 2 year warranty throughout Europe

Price: €POA EUR outright NEW..

CD1472-D1M monitor description

Researching, developing and building the CD1472-D1M replacement for 9 years with many incarnations throughout the group of the Hitachi CD1472-D1M monitor for the Mazatrol controlled Mazak machines - both CRT and LCD, and now purely LCD. CNC Asia's LCD CD1472-D1M is stunning, excellent quality with the latest generation of driver electronics and panel in our own metalwork frame and connectors which are the same as the original Hitachi CD1472-D1M 14" colour monitor unit. The Mazak 8DSP40 monitor replacement goes on the Mazatrol Mplus and Tplus control systems, and comes with a standard 2 year warranty.


Hitachi cd1472d1mCD1472-D1MHitachi CD1472-D1M
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