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DNC Electronics GmbH -> GE Monitors is part of the groups monitor building activities for General Electrics for the last 16+ years, originally building CRT equivalents then moving to LCD replacement screen for your old GE CNC machines with CRT monitors. CNC's replacement GE monitors are of industry leading quality - we have spent the last two years researching and developing our GE replacement LCD monitors, with excellent view ability, bright and clear display of all images. CNC offer 4 different GE monitors, 1 a 14" colour rebuild for the GE 2000 control system, the other 3 are mono green monitors, 2 * 9" for the GE 1050 and GE 2000 control systems, and a 12" monochrome for the 2000 system - same day ship anywhere in Europe - 2 year warranty. The savings on buying from us compared to the OEM are massive - around 50 to 80 % savings on New monitors from the Manufacturers and distributors. All ge monitors come with a 2 year warranty whether New replacement or a rebuild with New gubbings, in the existing ge monitor metalwork.

GE 9" & 12" Mono Monitors
General Electric 14" Color Monitors (Rebuilds - New)
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  • 44A717111
  • 44A719977
  • 44A719978
ge 44a 9 12 14 inch mono green color
  • 44A719979
ge colour monitors

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