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Massive savings are available on CNC power supply units from control systems powering the main system and sub system components such as monitors, i/o and much more. PSUs either from our range of Exchange CNC controls power supplies from CNC control manufacturers such as Fanuc, GE Fanuc, Siemens, General Electric or power supply units via us from our extensive contacts throughout the world available for Mazatrol, Mitsubishi, Hitachi. CNC power supply units cover all types of production level CNC machine tools, including lathes, machining centres, twin spindle multi axis machines, edm, laser, robot, punch and press machines, grinders and much more.

General Electric CNC Power Supply unit - GE 1050 Power Supplies & GE 2000 PSU.

GE Fanuc - Nearly all power supply units for series systems from 1980 thru to non I's.

Siemens Controls CNC - Limited collection of PSUs for Siemens 3, 8, 805, 810, 820, 840, 850, 880 control systems

Mazatrol Power Supplies - For Mazak Machine Tool controls such as M1, M2, M32, Mplus, T1, T2, T32, T32B, Tplus

Hitachi and others.

Huge contacts for CNC power supply units throughout the world

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