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DNC Electronics GmbH stock a large range of Hitachi Power Transistor modules: covering earlier and later powered IGBT Hitachi transistor modules, which were fitted on Yaskawa, Hitachi, Fanuc, GE Fanuc servo axis and spindle drive amplifier units. We can massively undercut your current retailer, and are happy to sell in quantities of 1, 2, 3, etc. Stocking Hitachi 600V and the high voltage 1200V modules, from 100A to 400Amp transistor modules for various types of AC and DC drives spanning 30 years of CNC drive amplifier / inverter technology. Call for prices on Hitachi Transistors !

Hitachi Transistors 600V Hitachi Transistor IGBT's 1200V Hitachi Labelled Power Transistors IGBT for FANUC.
  • MBM200GS6AW
  • MBM300GS6AW
  • MBM400GS6AW
  • MBM200HR6HY
  • MBM300HR6HY
  • MBM400HR6HY
  • MBM200HS6A
  • MBM300HS6A
  • MBM400HS6A
  • MBM100HS12
  • MBM150HF12A
  • MBM200HS12A
  • MBM200HT12
  • MBM300HT12
  • A50L-1-0221
  • A50L-1-0222
  • A50L-1-0230
Hitachi transistors

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